la Cité Internationale des Arts
The support provided by the Cité internationale des arts for cultural development is based on the idea of a project: each artist organizes his or her residence independently and can submit a project to the Cité internationale arts. Thus, through several programs, the resident-artists can present an exhibition, a concert, a meeting, a projection or a performance. A number of events at the Cité internationale des arts are also organized in partnership with other structures.
The Cité internationale des arts is also a relay of current events Off-The-Cité by the artists in residence, through a dedicated section.

The press illustration
Wednesday, May 3rd 2017, at 7 pm

Between screening, conversation and exhibition time, Charles Berbérian, Guillaume Doizy, Kianoush Ramezani and Leah Wolchok meet, as part of the World Press Freedom Day 2017, for an evening around the press illustration.

Evening in partnership with the Bibliothèque Forney, Paris-Bibliothèques and the Embassy of the United States of America in France.

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This program offers the opportunity for one - or several - artist(s) to present a work completed or under development. Evenings that adapt to the projects of resident artists, with no fixed recurrence in our cultural agenda.

FLUIDITY with the Artivist janet e. dandridge
Wednesday, April 26th 2017, at 7.30pm

“Embracing universal collectiveness to progress holistically”: that is the motto of janet e. dandridge, an American artist. To make it true, she imagined and created FLUIDITY. This performance aims to make artists discourse, strategize, take action, assess and repeat.

janet e. dandridge is in residence at the Cité internationale des arts and the National Superior Arts School of Paris-Cergy since February 2017.

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The “Concert-Cité” offers the opportunity for musicians in residence at the Cité internationale des arts to present a short program to a public. Classical contemporary, jazz, electronic or even folk, these evenings reflects the diversity of artist welcomed.

Apolline Kirklar & Jacopo Salvatori
Monday, April 24th 2017, 7.30pm

A concert-cité dedicated to very different musicians and inspirations: Trio Fauve, with the resident Apolline Kirklar on the violin, proposes a journey through the 20th century pieces presenting each a different musical universe; Jacopo Salvatori, pianist, presents a piece of his repertoire.

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Personal or collective, the exhibitions are selected among projects proposed and carried by the artists in residence and/or by a curator.

La Convocation
Opening on Tuesday, April 25th 2017,
from 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Exhibition until April 29th, everyday from noon to 7pm

As part of the “La Convocation” competition, the Cité internationale des arts presents the exhibition of two of the laureates: Jean-Baptiste Janisset (graduate from the Beaux-Arts of Nantes in June 2016) and Chadine Amghar (first-year student in the Beaux-Arts of Paris) in the Corridor.

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The artists welcomed in residence can invite public and professionals on the date of their choice, in their studios. A moment of sharing and discovery around their work and research.

Saturday, April 26th 2017
Free entry, from 7 to 10 pm

Elisabeth Czihak (Austria)

Elisabeth Czihak's work is about the transformation of the seemingly constant, as well as the everlasting continuity of architectural bodies, traces and memories. In the effort to record the ephemeral, hidden and that no longer exists, lies one of the themes of her documentary photographs and abstract drawings on paper or wall.

By these different artistic means she sounds the spatial and temporal dimensions of her realms in experience and memory. This includes taking possession of abandoned places with her camera, or detecting the rapid mutability of urban space, whether it be in her inscribing graphic marks in the form of frazzling stains into exhibition rooms, or giving own space to her linear creatures on paper.


Collective studios
engraving & silkscreening

Friday, May 26th 2017
Free entrance, from 1pm to 8pm

On the occasion of the 5th Fête de l'Estampe, the Cité internationale des arts opens to the public the engraving and silk-screening studios.

Residents and permanent artists of the studios will make you discover their universes and techniques through different demonstrations.


• 1 pm - 8 pm: opening of the studios - exhibition
• 3 pm : demonstration engraving studio
• 3.30 pm : demonstration silkscreening studio
• 5 pm : demonstration engraving studio
• 5.30 pm : demonstration silkscreening studio


Studio Rad-9 (Villa Radet, Montmartre site)
Thursday, April 27st 2017
Free entrance, from 6pm to 10pm

Anna Katharina Scheidegger (Switzerland)

After a residence at the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid and their installation/performance entitled "Contreforme" at the Cité Internationale des arts in 2016, Anna Katharina Scheidegger and Romuald Dumas-Jandolo continue their collaboration. For this open studio “POP UP”, Romuald Dumas-Jandolo will present his work in echo with a work by Anna Katharina Scheidegger. This event will mark the meeting between two artists who appear not to have the same aesthetic codes, but whose reflection on the world coincides as much as it offends the antagonisms of childhood to death, the history of Art to the cinema or from eroticism to aesthetics.


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