la Cité Internationale des Arts
The 325 studios of the Cité internationale des arts are situated in two locations.
Most of them are located at 18 rue de l'Hôtel de Ville and at 15-20-22 rue Geoffroy l'Asnier in the 4th district of Paris, the Marais. There, you are at the heart of Paris, close to the galleries, the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Louvre etc.
The Cité internationale des arts also manages studios at 24 rue Norvins in the 18th district, Montmartre. Equally located in a historic district of Paris, these studios are at the heart of a wooded garden.

- If you have been selected by an operator other than the Cité internationale des arts, you will be accommodated in the Marais.


Cité internationale des arts - Marais © A. Poupel

Cité internationale des arts - Montmartre © A. Poupel
To know selection procedures to be an artist in residence at the Cité internationale des arts :
- Please refer to the section operators for an application in your native country
Refer to the section application for a residence to apply to the Cité internationale des arts’s Committees.

In a dynamic and international environment, the Foundation offers studios providing suitable conditions to produce, experiment and research in line with all fields of contemporary creation. Studios are designed to combine work and daily life. Studios’ equipment include: a large work room, a converted kitchen and bathroom, and a bedding. Studios’ size vary from 20 to 60 sqm. Artists selected for a residence at the Cité internationale des arts must pay a deposit and, in some cases, monthly benefits. During their stay, artists in residence can accommodate guests subject to pay an additional fees.


© Thibault Brunet (2015)
Studio manages by the visual arts committee of the Cité internationale des arts

© Christiane Feser (2015)
Studio manages by the Bundesregierung Staatsministerin für Kultur (Germany)

© Enrique Ramirez (2015)
Studio manages by the visual arts committee of the Cité internationale des arts

© Diane Arques (2015)
Studio manages by the visual arts committee of the Cité internationale des arts

Do you need a clarification on the Cité internationale des arts’ studios ? Please refer to the FAQ.

Are you a future resident of the Cité internationale des arts ? To prepare your stay, we strongly advise you to carefully read the FAQ and the general regulations.


On the Marais location, the Cité internationale des arts makes available for artists and professionals in residence the following services, under condition of rental :

- an auditorium of 128 seats with an organ and a baby grand Bösendorfer piano
- shared studios of silkscreen printing, etching and a ceramic furnace
- 9 music studios

Do you need more information ? Please refer to Locations d’espaces or contact Véronique Louis by phone 01 42 78 71 72 or email


The great number of artists hosted simultaneously in residence at the Citéinternationale des arts does not allow neither personal support during the artist's residence, nor the opportunity to offer everyone a work presentation during his/her stay in Paris.However, subject to acceptance of submitted projects, the Cité international des arts can provide a space for artworks presentation through several cultural programs:

Open Studios : artists-in-residence can organizewhen they want, for one evening or more, an open studio presenting a personal project (solo show) or a collaborative one (meetings, workshops etc.).
The Corridor’s exhibitions : exhibitions scheduled in the Corridor are selected from projects submitted by artists-in-residence and/or by a curator. Solo or group shows can be presented.
The "Present & Project" evenings : whatever the discipline, it’s an opportunity for artists-in-residence to present a completed work or a work in progress in order to open a discussionon its issues. These evenings can be hosted in different spaces depending on the nature of the project and had no recurrence in the calendar.
Concerts Cité : every Monday, concerts can be scheduled in the auditorium of the Citéinternationale des arts with two musicians-in-residence. An opportunity for some to train their repertoire before an international competition; for others to share their musical heritage and their own compositions.

Otherwise, the Citéinternationaledes arts may also, in partnership with other institutions and associations, implement meetings and studio visits dedicated for professional groups.

Any project or issue related to an artist's project can be discussed with Corinne Loisel, head of cultural programming.

Do you need more information?
Please contact Corinne Loisel by phone 01 44 78 25 86 / For any question regarding the communication, please contact Angélique Veillé, communication manager, 01 42 78 71 72 /

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