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The Cité internationale des arts is a Foundation recognized of public utility which aims to welcome in residence foreigners and French professional artists in Paris. Each year, more than 1000 artists, coming from more than 55 countries stay in one of the 325 residence’s studios.

This institution was dreamed by Eero Snellman, a Finnish artist, during a speech he gave for the Exposition Universelle of Paris in 1937. After the Second World War, the project is taken up and developed by Mr. and Mrs. Felix Brunau with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the City of Paris, and the Academy of Fine Arts.
The first building, designed by a Franco-Tunisian architect Olivier-Clement Cacoub, is completed in 1965 and gradually other buildings were added and assigned by the City of Paris on two locations : in the district of Paris called “the Marais” (284 studios) and in Montmartre (40 studios).

70% of the studios are subscribed by French and foreign operators who designate artists-in-residence according to their own application conditions (duration, grants, etc.). 30% of the studios are kept for direct applications which are subject to a selection made by two committees of professionals (one dedicated to the visual arts, the other to the music). They meet twice a year.

Thus, the Cité internationale des arts stands at the crossroads of cultural policies carried by countries, local authorities and institutions on the one hand and residence's projects implemented directly implemented by artists-in-residence on the other hand.

City of Paris
The Cité internationale des arts has strong ties with the City of Paris. The City of Paris acts as a subscriber for a number of studios. This enables young artists who come from countries with which the French capital maintains relations of cooperation to benefit from stays. The City of Paris offered a site in the Marais on which residencies has been built and complete them with old buildings on a site in Montmartre.

French Ministry of Culture and Communication
The Ministry of Culture & Communication has accompanied the Cité internationale des Arts since its inception, granting it pride of place for initiatives undertaken to increase the prestige of France by furthering international dialogue in the arts.
The Ministry of Culture acts as a subscriber for 11 studios.

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development
The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development is also a founding member of the Cité internationale des Arts. It has delegated the management of its studio-flats to the Institut français, which awards them to foreign artists who want to develop a project of creation and research in Paris (visual arts, performing arts, arts & crafts, art critic and curator). All details about their residency program and the application form are available on in the section “Residencies and mobility”.

Académie des Beaux-Arts
L’Académie des Beaux-Arts, which has 2 studios at the Cité internationale des arts, aims to contribute to the defense and illustration of the French artistic heritage, as well as its development in pluralism expressions. It also supports the development of international artistic relations by establishing relations of cooperation and exchange.

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